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About Us

Our online counselling team

Our two online counsellors belong to a professional outreach counselling service team for victims of right-wing violence. They have been supporting victims of racist, right-wing and anti-Semitic attacks for many years. The caseloads are discussed anonymously using a method called “Kolligiale Fallberatung” and in a day long supervision session with the team. In addition to this they also participate in further training. One of the advisors is certified to act as an online counsellor.


Professional understanding of the Outreach Counselling for victims of right-wing violence

  • We take sides with the victims when supporting people after a political motivated right-winged attack and stand for an emancipated and supportive community.
  • We advise direct and indirect victims of right-wing violence, their friends and relatives irrespective of what political identity the offender has.
  • We support victims practically and politically in exercising and strengthening their rights and in their demands for a self-determined life.
  • The main focus of the work lies in the perspective of the victims which is brought into a public discourse.

With these positions we work to counter racism, anti-Semitism, Social Darwinism, hostility against LGBTTIQ and any other elements of right-wing ideology.


Our target groups

We give advice on handling right-wing violence:

  • for victims of right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic, Social Darwinist, anti-Sinti and Romany and homophobic attacks,
  • for relatives, friends and their social peer-groups,
  • for witnesses of right-wing violence,
  • and in any other professional context (for example other counselling teams, associations, organisations, self-organised groups of potentially affected people and other initiatives.


Contents of the online counselling

The contents of the online counselling can be:

  • Psychosocial guidance,
  • Pros and Cons of filing a criminal complaint,
  • Rights and responsibilities of the witnesses,
  • The development of the criminal proceedings,
  • The general requirement of the witness statement,
  • Information on compensation payment,
  • Information, guidance and overview on specific topics concerning right-wing violence in group and experts chats,
  • Guidance on prospects of specialized face to face counselling, if required a continuation of the counselling contact with the advisors can be provided offline or in terms of a mix between on and offline counselling.



The Outreach Counselling for victims of right-wing violence works in association with Miteinander- Netzwerk für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit in Sachsen-Anhhalt e.V. The non-profit organization was founded in 1990 and engages in activities against racism, anti-Semitism and all other forms of group-focused enmity, social exclusion, discrimination and violence. The organization stands for a democratic and diverse society and offers a variety of counselling and training programmes.

The Online Counselling service is funded by the Stiftung Deutsches Hilfswerk and uses it’s own financial resources from Miteinander e.V.


Our quality standards

The independent counselling for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence in Germany has been organised in a federal association since 2014. All member organisations of the VBRG e.V. which includes us, base their work on quality standards that have been developed together. In addition to this we share the same understanding of counselling der Deutschsprachigen Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Onlineberatung and comply with the technical and professional standards. The specialized software we use guarantees a confidential and secure data for the communication.