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Rules of Conduct in Group and Expert Chat

1.) Right wing, racist, anti-Semitic, nationalistic, sexist and other inhuman or derogatory comments are undesirable in the chat and will be sanctioned - especially in the case of conscious or repeated use.

2.) Be polite and respectful towards other users! Should a user interfere in the chat or insult you, the moderation will expel the user from the chat if necessary.

3.) Each chat will be moderated by an advisor. Please pay attention to the contributions and requests of the moderator, especially if several users write at the same time, so that as many requests as possible can be heard and answered!

4.) The chat serves for the exchange among themselves. Each can contribute a topic, participate or just read along. If you notice that this setting is not suitable or helpful for you, you are welcome to book an individual chat appointment with us.

5.) If you want to remain anonymous, please be careful not to reveal any information that might allow conclusions to be drawn about you!

6.) The chat is a protected room. To keep it that way we ask you to keep personal information of other users inside the chat confidential.

7.) Please avoid talking about specific suicide intentions in group chat in order not to endanger other users! If you have such thoughts, please use the one-to-one chat or e-mail consultation. If you are uncertain, you can also "whisper" the moderation of the chat.

8.) Please try to contribute to the fact that the chat does not become too unclear! So it would be nice if you don't thematize too many different subjects at once, but if necessary make clear by "..." that you will write even more! If you want to ask someone a question or answer, you can indicate this e.g. by @Username.

9.) It is not possible in group chat to whisper to other users or only to communicate with them. However, if you notice that you would like to exchange specific information with one or more people from the current group chat on a smaller scale, ask in the chat or at the moderation. If required, a parallel chat room is available for this purpose.

We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users who violate the above rules and/or our user agreement from the chat area or, in case of serious violations, from online counselling all together.