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Welcome to the online counselling website offered by the organisation for victim support of right-wing violence!

We offer counselling for people, their family members and friends who have experienced or witnessed racist, right-wing extremist or anti-Semitic attacks in Sachsen-Anhalt.  

  • If You were physically assaulted or threatened because the offender assumed you are left-wing, a punk, antifascist, or simply not right-wing, a person of colour, have migration experience, a refugee, Muslim, Jew, show solidarity with Israel, queer, bisexual/ homosexual, inter- or a transsexual, disabled or socially disadvantaged or perhaps you think this was the reason for being attacked. If so, then we can help.
  • You’re worried about your friend or your child after a right-wing attack? Would You like to know how to provide support?
  • Have you witnessed right-wing violence and now have questions how to handle the situation?
  • Are you an educator, social worker, lawyer or in another professional context and have questions about a pupil or client who has experienced right-wing violence and would like to know what rights and possibilities they have, how to help them overcome the attack or what other help can be provided?

Send us an email, arrange a time for a one-to-one chat or register for a group chat:


Our counselling is free of charge, confidential and if requested, anonymous. We take sides.

  • Our online counselling via email or chat can help you sort your thoughts, estimate and cope with the situation and give advice on your opportunities and rights. We are on your side, comply with your needs and wishes and will look for solutions with you.
  • All our communication will be treated confidentially and we will not take action unless agreed upon.  
  • You do not have to tell us your name, age or address if you do not want to.